Write, Reflect, Learn

Stress Solutions for Aussie Mums
I’m here to help you enjoy life more fully and listen to your intuition as all answers come from within.

I aim to teach other women who may be like me.

Are you a Mum who has felt at some stage, or continues to feel on an ongoing basis:

  • Frustration at not contributing to household income?
  • Not fully present with your kids full-time?
  • Like you are forgetting to eat meals?
  • Conscious of yourself complaining and seeking validation from others and circumstances that you are NOT good enough and that life is not a safe place?
  • Like you are lacking energy and have brain-fog?
  • You are distracted by thoughts of “what is my purpose, how can I help others powerfully and authentically”?
  • Like time is passing too quickly and that there are not enough hours in the day?

I’ve been there too.

You can take a look now at a number of ideas and tools to assist you in understanding the connection between your emotions, behaviour and physical body, and how you can potentially live a healthier and happier life with this empowering knowledge.

This book will remind you HOW TO:

  • practise listening to your intuition
  • be present to life and enjoy it more fully
  • release past limiting beliefs – the past has passed
  • walk forward new, and be proud of who you are
  • let love be your compass
  • want the best for yourself
  • know exactly what it is that you want, that is best for yourself.

There’s nothing like becoming a mum to challenge you, your relationships, and your outlook on life. If you are a mum and you are discovering anxious feelings towards your work commitments, relationships, health choices and living arrangements, then this book is for you. 

During the time you read, reflect and participate in the worksheets, you will be reminded how to understand yourself, through your emotions and your intuition, and find the confidence to make changes inwardly so you can self-heal and become a naturally positive parent on the inside and on the outside, the way you know you want to be. 

As you will re-discover when you work through this book, a powerful approach to embracing an awesome mummy’s mind shift is to love giving & receiving love, as well as patience, empathy, the law of attraction, creativity and faith – and to recognise our bodies and environment as organic and in need of respectful care. 

At the core, this book is about positive thinking and transforming energy to help you and your family life a happy, healthy life. 

PLUS the Perfect Birth Meditation, free instant download audio MP3.