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For 7 years I have been proud to distribute the Juice Plus+ vegan, whole-food range of nutritional supplements to dozens of people who I love and care about, and to support and train these friends in distributing Juice Plus+ to their own friends and family who they love and care about.

If you are interested in learning more, and checking whether these products can help you increase your daily intake of whole foods, I encourage you to place your order of Juice Plus+ and enjoy daily supplementation of this wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, omega oils and legumes to support your active lifestyle. All products are 100% vegan and gluten-free. These products are considered safe and beneficial for people who enjoy a varied diet and are free of food intolerances, allergies or medical conditions that require specialised support. More information is available on the Juice Plus+ website explaining why these products are like “a nutritional seatbelt” for supporting busy life.

While these products are safe for mammalian meat allergy (alpha-gal allergy) and I safely consumed these products for 7 years, personally I found that I was unable to reduce my IGE markers (histamine levels in the blood) even after making many other changes to eliminating foods I was allergic to, which made me more susceptible to allergic reactions. I believe this may have in part been due to a number of ingredients within the Juice Plus+ capsules, Omega blend and plant sachets (Juice Plus+ complete) that are known to increase histamine in the body or release histamine in the body. These foods listed below are suggested as high-histamine foods or as histamine-release foods and are not recommended for people on a low-histamine diet.

  • tomatoes, eggplant, spinach (small quantities within the Vegetable blend)
  • kiwi fruit, papaya, citrus fruits and pineapple (small quantities within the Fruit blend)
  • soy beans, cane sugar*, chickpeas, spirulina (within Juice Plus+ Complete: Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla in significant quantity)
  • Cacao (Berry blend, and Juice Plus+ Complete: Dutch Chocolate)
  • Algal Oil* (within the Omega Blend in significant quantity)
    • * algal oil is high in iodine, which triggers the release of histamine
    • * sugar creates instability in blood sugar, which triggers the release of histamine

Ultimately, each person needs to decide what will give them greater peace of mind in life. For many, the benefit of the extra nutrients and vitamins will outweigh the possible risk of increasing histamine in the body. Histamine Intolerance is not yet recognised in medical science and generally is an unproven theory however more information is available here. Furthermore, if you are experiencing symptoms of histamine intolerance, there are many lifestyle, dietary and environmental factors to understand to relieve yourself of symptoms of histamine intolerance

I am happy to help you take a closer look at the products and determine if the ingredients are suitable for your body, and your goals. 

When ready, you may order your products using this link, I can become your health-coach and can help you evaluate your personal situation, and navigate your journey towards better health. If I can’t assist you with certain topics, I will professionally recommend you to holistic health coaches I trust who are equipped with the most beneficial answers and tools.

The products that my family enjoyed since I was diagnosed with MMA are:

  • Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla Complete are plant-based shakes
  • Vegetable Blend (green vegetables in a vegan capsule)
  • Fruit Blend (red and orange fruits in a vegan capsule)
  • Berry Blend (berries, plus a little cacao and green tea in a vegan capsule)
  • Vegan Omega Blend (vegan omegas flavoured with orange/vanilla)

You can order these items at my virtual franchise. For your convenience you can pay upfront, or on a monthly instalment, which you can edit at any time.

Your products will be packed and delivered to you within 10 days, with instructions on daily supplement dosage and how to login to your private customer account, helpful brochures, and automatic subscription where your products are re-delivered in 4 months at no extra charge.

  • Access Your Customer Account for you to monitor and manage your home-delivered supply of whole food nutrition. If this is your first time to access your customer account, create a new account where prompted on this page and follow the easy directions. You must use the same email address you provided when you placed your order.

Healthy Starts Program

  • Healthy Starts Program: if you accepted this bonus, your eligible kids between 4-14 years of age can eat for free for 4 years. You will be emailed a survey from Juice Plus+ directly to fill out ideally before your children start the products, and again every 12 months that they are enrolled in the program. Please keep an eye on your inbox for this survey.

One Simple Change Tracking Sheet

  • One Simple Change tracking sheet will help you make simple, sustainable upgrades. Instead of “diets” the focus is on stability – lifestyle improvements for the long-term. Click this link and tick your selection – just one selection per week, fortnight or month, and ensure you are committed and practising your new habit daily before starting the next healthy habit.

Detox Guide

  • Detox guide written by a leading Dr and expert in the field of nutrition. Please read this guide often while you are taking the products to assist you in understanding your body’s response.

Private Group Membership

  • Private Group Membership supporting your family’s wellness, with over 8,000 members including a team of world-class leaders in their chosen fields who have gathered their expertise and resources to empower you to create the life of your dreams right in your own home.
  • MMA Safe Place Private Facebook Community. Formerly called the MMA Nutrition Community, this is a way for you to find friendship and solace in a private network of other likeminded people who have had their life suddenly change following tick bite or diagnosis of Mammalian Meat Allergy (which is an alpha-gal carbohydrate allergy) from paralysis tick bite.

Getting Started Survey

  • Getting Started Survey to meet you where you are at and enable you to reflect on your results as you make sustainable upgrades. Our members say that because of this survey process that realise they have experienced exciting changes in their body and have begun to make better choices for themselves and their family members. You too could start to feel more energized, with your salt and sugar cravings decreasing while you crave more whole foods … and see a reported difference in how you feel about yourself and the healthy upgrades you are making each day. Click here to access the survey and take it now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Juice Plus+

  • Frequently Asked Questions Support pages about specific health conditions – please click on this link to access the webpage of Dr Mitra Ray who has a comprehensive website and FAQ page to answer all your questions about detox, the ingredients in Juice Plus+ and for extra reading on many ailments, conditions and diseases that Juice Plus+ may assist with prevention and recovery from.

Your Personal Mentor

  • I will take good care of you as your personal mentor to assist you find answers to all other questions you may have – if you choose to contact me. You can contact me, Joanna Becker, via Messenger – simply request to become friends with me here then send me a message. If you are not on Facebook you can contact me by entering your details in the EMAIL LIST. After you receive an email from me, simply click REPLY.

Studies on Effectiveness

  • Studies – More than 20 Juice Plus+ research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world. Explore Juice Plus+ research findings and published journal articles to learn more about the health benefits of Juice Plus+.