How Are You?

Everything can change with the power of energy, and it is EASY to experience instant profound change once you know how energy works.

I want to teach children that they are the creators of their world and they can be happy in every way using the law of attraction. How can we teach children about this law of attraction – aka, The Secret’? With their mum’s special attention and guidance – and through their mum’s living example.

By improving our own lives and living at a higher frequency, we can directly impact the lives of other people who are less fortunate than us. Many people in the world don’t have access to our learning resources, but they can still benefit from the positive changes we make through the expanded consciousness that connects us all – across continents, through deserts and through walls, and beyond their physical limitations.

A message from my Spirit Guide

This is your website for making positive identity change and discovering how you can create the life you want, all by yourself.

This is all about you. It is about your life, and how you live it. It is about the way you handle your daily challenges, and how you become a stronger woman. This journey is not for the fainthearted – if you want to learn from the guides, the most amazing source of all teachers, then you will learn everything you need to know about your heart, soul, mind and body right here, now.

You will be going on a journey with yourself! Looking to discover new ideas that will change your life for the better. Learning that creativity is not for the artistic – it is for everyone. You can create your dream life with your mind, now.

Good luck, and enjoy the ride!”

Joanna Becker, Wellness Medium-Author



I’d like to support you while you ask yourself … are feeling overwhelmed? Are you smiling wholeheartedly? Or do you feel like your To Do list is never-ending, you are putting everyone else before yourself, and your health (or other significant personal goals) are suffering as a consequence?

You can use this Nourishing Life Circle now to check your feelings of fulfillment in each of the 12 categories. Rate the 12 categories from one to ten in the form below. 1 being “weak and unsatisfied” and 10 being “absolutely fulfilled”.

You will then be placed in a short-list to have a personal mentoring session with Joanna Becker, delivered as a PDF handbook (NB: not as a phone call or live session). Joanna will ask you about your current priorities in life, in an email conversation. Then she will go into private space, and call in assistance from your Spirit Guide and her Spirit Guide, and Angels, to give you clarity and direction in your daily routine in writing.

You will be able to keep this personal PDF handbook – to assist you in making plans that align with your goals, and as a loving resource for when you are seeking the extra inner-strength that is integral to you at this time in your life.

This personal mentoring session ($75) can be purchased securely online.

Thank you and spread some joy today, give a little, and smile a lot!


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