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Joanna Haley is a wellness-medium author, qualified business manager/trainer and qualified meditation teacher. She writes books for children to improve their health and understanding of life, but unlike a lot of kids’ books where the parent can understand the moral of the story, and the main message sort of goes over the kids’ heads, Joanna makes it easy for kids with Q and A’s, bright illustrations and interaction. One is called Dusty’s Wonder Bug, and another is Max’s Bright Fly.

Joanna was born on the Gold Coast, Australia. Joanna’s childhood dream of becoming a best-selling author was put into action at a young age with creative talents and going on to becoming a copywriter and creative project process manager. 

Along with her current role as an author and wellness medium, she offers a professional proofreading and editing service in her business Free Birds Author Services

She now lives in New South Wales with her husband and 3 children, whom she homeschools on a small farm near the beach.

Joanna’s first book, Dusty’s Wonder Bug, was published in 2013. 

Dusty's Wonder Bug 

In 2010 Joanna found herself in a modern world where colourful packaging and cheap supermarket prices very often equalled fake food. One of many conscious parents worried about her children’s confusion on what to eat, and her strength to say “no” to exciting, addictive foods that were fun and abundant, yet detrimental to health, she set out on a journey to transform their lives guided by the question, “How does an awesome parent teach their kiddies to look towards the simple answer that is found in nature?”

Along came Joanna’s first children’s book, Dusty’s Wonder Bug. A brightly illustrated book, featuring an adorable little cartoon character Dusty who goes on a journey with a friend, the Wonder Bug, to find out the answer to the question What is the very best treat to eat, and where can I get it?

Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food

In these years of her life, Joanna discovered that making changes towards an ideal life as a mother started with taking a look inside and what you really believe about yourself, your life, and your power to create something that will be amazing for you. With the guidance of her spirit guide and angels, she translated what she was learning into practical worksheets for mothers that she was able to use herself, and share with hundreds of blog followers. This course became an amazon novel called Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food. It features practical tips and real-life examples of ways she transformed her home into a positive, conscious place where kids loved to make their own food at home with real ingredients, using the law of attraction and starting with the person in the mirror – “ME”.

33 Ways To Have A Fun Birth

In 2013, Joanna gave birth to a second baby boy. During the last few years she had learned how to change her perception of herself, and had then been able to create a safe and peaceful experience in birthing and early parenting. And so with the assistance of her spirit guide and Archangel Michael, Joanna set about a mission to collect birth stories from women of all birth experiences, and thread the stories together with messages of self-acceptance, peace, understanding and compassion – and most of all, a positive reflection of birth in 33 Ways To Have A Fun Birth.

Max's Bright Fly

With the assistance of Archangel Michal, Archangel Gabrielle, and her spirit guide, Joanna was able to translate messages from the guides and angels into loving words and beautiful pictures, which you will find in a law of attraction guidebook for children, Max’s Bright Fly. Joanna’s children love reading this book and get excited to shout out answers to the questions. Afterwards they feel empowered, and grateful for their unique personality and lives, and they talk about tomorrow with optimism. Best of all, they are laughing with all the fun they have just had reading a picture book. Your children may feel the same.

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