Joanna Becker is the author of Dusty’s Wonder Bug and Max’s Bright Fly.

As a certified Meditation Teacher specializing in pregnancy and early childhood meditations and stress-relief techniques for parents and children alike, writing these books was a way to deliver fun, colourful , engaging storybooks for young children that captivate imagination and transport the readers and listeners.

Dusty’s Wonder Bug

With Dusty’s Wonder Bug (2013) I had the pleasure of delivering a children’s storybook aimed to promote healthy living to children in a fun & memorable way. Thank you to my friend Bryn Rayfield for his incredible and inventive character design and responsiveness to my art direction based on a collection of my favourite children’s books and personal ideals; you brought this story to life. 


Dusty’s Wonder Bug is a colourful large print story book set in the country where a curious boy takes a walk with a magical friend The Wonder Bug to learn about the best treats to eat: real food grown in nature, such as fresh vegetables and fruit and pure water. Explore, discover and count carrots, lettuce, herbs, watermelons, tomatoes, beans, strawberries, and enjoy verse about the special contribution from bees, chickens and marine life, in this rich and colourful adventure story for young children. 

I have a limited number of the original print run of Dusty’s Wonder Bug, large format, vibrant colour, made in Australia on sustainably-sourced paper. It can be purchased in my store. For overseas buyers, I have re-published with Balboa, a division of Hay House, which is a self-publishing service specialising in self-help books with a positive message. As a result you can search for Dusty’s Wonder Bug in almost any online worldwide retailer of books and buy instantly for delivery to your address.

Max’s Bright Fly

With Max’s Bright Fly (2018) I enjoyed designing and brainstorming ways to encourage children to be frank and clear on what they love to do, and to seek more of that in their lives. Along with spreading kindness, and speaking positively and sharing gratitude… well, there is no way as an author you can possibly feel more fulfilled than when engaging children with messages of hope, love and good times to come.


Max’s Bright Fly is a colourful large print book that is sure to impress your family. Not only with its brightly illustrated characters and farm setting, but with its messages of finding love in your heart, spreading kindness, and making wishes for your own life and watching your own magic unfold. This is the law of attraction for kids in an easy, readable, and enjoyable format. Spread the word that children are capable of living empowered lives with this friendly cartoon book.

For overseas buyers, I have published with Balboa, a division of Hay House, which is a self-publishing service specialising in self-help books with a positive message. You can search for Max’s Bright Fly in almost any online worldwide retailer of books and buy instantly for delivery to your address.

The Quasi-Vegetarian Homestead

My husband, Tim, and I live on a 25-acre homestead on the coastal strip of regional mid-north coast NSW where we are learning how to grow our own food with the permaculture ethics – earth care, people care, and return of surplus. You can follow my food blog The Quasi-Vegetarian Homestead & MMA Nutrition Community and YouTube channel

Home Educating Mum

We started home educating our children in 2016, our children haven’t ever attended school. We now have 3 children aged 2, 8 and 11 years old. I have produced a website with helpful resources and the occasional blog. When I graduated from Meditation Teacher college, I decided to continue my studies and become a Stress Management Facilitator. I released 30 free mp3’s of direct-light channeled meditations, a “How To Meditate Guide” and the Home Educating Mum online program to share what I’d learned about gaining peace of mind and the ability to design life purposefully. Please visit the Home Educating Mums website.

Becker Earthmoving

In 2015 Tim and I became entrepreneurs, establishing our business in earthmoving and machinery hire. We now have modern equipment, employees and a community-focused service we are passionate about. Please visit the Becker Earthmoving website.

The Mammalian Meat Allergy Nutrition Community

Had you ever met someone who became allergic to meat after being bitten by a tick? Up until 2015, I’d never heard of it. But then in an unexpected life lesson I was bitten by a paralysis tick and developed the rare Mammalian Meat Allergy (alpha-gal allergy). We changed our family lifestyle and diet and decided to grow even more food at home with permaculture techniques, and I started a private Facebook group to chat privately with people who, like me, had to reshape lives around this surprise circumstance. You are welcome to join my private community with support resources for people bitten by a tick – The Quasi-Vegetarian Homestead & MMA Nutrition Community