Faith In Me – Pregnancy Companion

Faith In Me Book and CD

If you have ever felt like pregnancy and child-birth is a good time to start a journal, you are not alone. In this 235-page paperback novel, Joanna Haley shares an honest view of what it is to fall pregnant and give birth in modern times in Australia, along with 25 other Australian women-writers who shared their pregnancy and birthing stories. Often hilarious, moving and tear-jerking, this collection brings women together with a common purpose – to share the love.

Joanna Haley shares her pregnancy and birth stories, which were written over 6 years, and sensitively acknowledges how modern-day miscarriage, traumatic birth along with wonderful birth and early-childhood parenting can shape a new mother’s identity and impact on everyday life. She explains how with a little self-exploration and mindfulness, this shaping can be turned positive to bring forward an evolution of more confident, holistically healthy women who employ their own inner-strength and wisdom to create parenting environments that are perfect for them.

Respected mentors Anthea Thomas and Sarah Whyte, both specialists in midwifery, childbirth and parenting in their own rights, shared their beautiful words and insights in the Foreword.

This collection wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiasm and dedication by 25 women who shared their honest, and very private, stories of pregnancy and childbirth. In a 6-month campaign to gather “love for pregnancy and childbirth”, these women responded and put their privacy on the page to help other women feel more confident and safe in their birthing experiences.

Joanna Haley emphasises that this book is not biased towards any particular birthing method and there is no prescriptive text on how to birth or raise a baby. This is an all-encompassing, loving and supportive publication.

Drawing on her passion and skill as Creative Meditation Teacher, Joanna included a 45-minute relaxation and insight meditation that helps improve your love and acceptance towards your birthing experience, whether pregnant, giving birth, or reflecting on parenting or child-birth later in life. This meditation audio is a free MP3 file download.

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ISBN: 978-0-9925535-1-7    |       Published by Joanna Haley

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