Dusty’s Wonder Bug

Did you know that Australians rank reading as their favourite leisure activity? 4 out of 5 Australian parents encourage their children to read. Australians prefer a printed book in their hands (over an ebook) and love fiction for escapism or thought-provoking reflection – just like what you will find in Dusty’s Wonder Bug.


Despite the changing world and improvements in technology, parents still rank books higher than online and watching t.v., as a leisure activity for both themselves and their children. Reading together provides relaxation and stress-release. They love to take their children to book-stores and browse what’s on offer and half of all readers visit the library to borrow books and share their favourite books with friends – just like they do with Dusty’s Wonder Bug.


Almost 3 out of 4 Australians believe Australian children should read books set in Australia and written by Australian authors – just like Dusty’s Wonder Bug.


A little over half of Australians believe it’s important for Australians to have their Australian books published within Australia – just like Dusty’s Wonder Bug.


Dusty is a little boy with a magical buddy called The Wonder Bug. Like all preschoolers, Dusty wonders where food comes from? So Dusty and The Wonder Bug explore the environment and examine how Whole-food is created in nature, how people work together, and what we all can do to grow big and strong.


20 large format pages, incredible vibrant and colour-rich, 100% produced in Australia with paper sourced from approved sustainably-managed forests (see available print outlets below).


1 in 2 Australians also read books on an electronic device, just like Dusty’s Wonder Bug (see available online outlets below).


And 1 in 10 also listen to audio books. That’s why Dusty’s Wonder Bug book-pack includes a CD with the story spoken out loud by the author, with acoustic piano backing music played by the author (see available outlets below).


Reviews – Dusty’s Wonder Bug


“This simple, fun little book has a life-changing message encoded within it to assist our children in growing into healthy, happy people. All children should have access to this book and its positive and inspirational message.” (Tamika Hilder, Intuitive Coach, Holistic Wellness Practitioner and World Visionary)


“This book ticks all the boxes for me as a primary school teacher. The story, verse, pictures, plus the message about health food … it’s exactly what I look for!” (Karen Bowles, QLD Primary Teacher and ESL Coordinator)


“This book is SO amazing! Well written and very catchy and the illustrations are bright and colourful too. It’s such an important message for our little ones to learn in an easy-to-understand story. Well done!” (Camilla Skye, Wildlings Photography)


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Dusty’s Wonder Bug is featured in Kelly Quilter’s Teacher For A Day.


As an Australian Teacher and author, Kelly Quilter loves to take Dusty’s Wonder Bug into the classroom.

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