Dusty’s Wonder Bug Activity Pack

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Dusty’s Wonder Bug is a magical children’s book by Joanna Becker, available to buy here.

This is the official Activity Pack to accompany the book.

This Activity Pack includes 22 colourful (A4 size) pages for parents, educators and children to work through together.
All activities can be adjusted for different ages and abilities with more teacher direction – eg. more discussion and teacher writing responses for younger students, to more independent work for independent children.

Activities include learning how to compost and make healthy food, design characters and covers for children’s books, identify food groups, tally and graph findings mathematically, draw and get arty, and discuss concepts for literacy development, and much more.

Activities are fun and engaging for children from 4 years old to approximately 9 years old.

Available to buy exclusively from the author on Fishpond.

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As an Australian Teacher and author, Kelly Quilter loves to take Dusty’s Wonder Bug into the classroom.