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7 steps for coping with end of year “busy” vibes

Whoa – ok – so here we are just over a week until Xmas, and having our last days of school, work, club and sport meets, etc. 

This is the time we are more likely than ever to have a narrative running in our mind. 

I’m not enough. I don’t have enough (time, money, presents, food, people to help). 

I can’t keep up (with schedules, everything I have to finish for work, commitments, caring for family, parties, shopping). 

I’m failing. 

Then on top of this: I SHOULDN’T feel like this. 

I’m bad. I’m wrong, I’m the only one. I’m not ever going to be able to… I’m failing. 

STOP. This is your nervous system speaking. This is your sympathetic mode driving your mind and making your body work overtime towards burnout. 

BREATHE. Deep into your diaphragm. Welcome some relief, scan your body, drop some tension, relax your shoulders, loosen your jaw. 

SMILE. No amount of work is going to get you feeling like you are ahead of schedule. 

No. Amount. Of. Work. Will fix your nervous system state. 

VALIDATE. You’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re feeling inadequate. You’re feeling worried. You’re feeling bad. 

This is all ok. 

It makes sense, given what you’re going through right now, that you’re feeling this. 

Give yourself permission to breathe and give loving awareness to the part of you that is panicking. To the part of you that is rushing, to the part of you that is reacting out of fear that you’ll be critiqued, corrected, judged, rejected. 

COMPASSION. Give yourself a hug. Relax into it. Rest your head on your own shoulder. Sigh. 

Let a tear roll if it wants to roll. ACCEPT. 

It is ok for you to be feeling all of it. 

You’re safe to feel all of it. 

You’re allowed to feel all of it. You 

have permission to feel all of it. 

And when you’re ready, when you’re breathing, embrace your more relaxed state and… 


Your nervous state, even in rest and digest mode, is just as capable of “doing end of year preparations and Christmas” JUST AS WELL. 

Let it Flow. Relax. 





LOVE. Inwards, then watch it overflow outwards. 



Joanna Becker is an Health and Insight Meditation Teacher, Angel Communicator and Medium-Author

Please visit this website to contact Joanna, or to read her Light Channel Blog, to book an Angel Reading, enrol in a course, buy a children’s book or listen to a meditation.

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