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Lions Gate Portal Open Now: For Healing the Past and for Casting out the Net of Dreams into the Universe

Some people say, “don’t go digging up the past”. Ultimately we want to focus on the present and dream about the future. But the truth is, we carry the past within us whether we like it or not.

If we take a moment to realise what’s inside – what we “remember” from our distant past – the times when we were so little we didn’t understand and couldn’t comprehend the events around us – even just occasionally, we can then come back into this present AWARE and in ownership of our whole self (instead of our past controlling us without our conscious awareness). Like I said, the past is within us anyway; we have the choice whether to hold its hand or shut it down.

It’s a huge gain to dig deep into programming that has this hold on our ability to be happy.

Today I dived in real deep and found some very surprising stories held in my baby and little child mind, teenager mind, and adult mind. And then the process of just gently recognising, understanding, accepting, loving and releasing, is what is needed to take more brave steps forward.

We are not broken, we are whole just waiting for our adult self to love us. We all have an inner child who is waiting to be held and told she/ he is not alone and will be loved for the rest of their days. We are our own parent. I hope this little piece of writing I channeled above fills your cup and gives you a place to journal safely and remember who you are, and how magical and wonderful you are, just for simply being alive. You’re magic, don’t forget it.

Have you noticed suddenly over the last few days that you are suddenly being faced with decisions that need to be made – about things that are in the past that you’re not sure if you want to move forward with anymore?

Or dreams, ideas and even visions are coming up in your mind, about something (or many things) you want to do next or in the future? Perhaps a whole new theme in life, or a distinct feeling that a chapter is ending and another is starting?

You’re not alone, this is what Lion’s Gate is. Every year between the end of July and early August, we have an opportunity to do a stocktake of life and get out the paintbrush to start drawing bold, colourful strokes of what the next version of ourselves wishes to experience in life.

Every year this occur energetically, it’s up to the individual to decide whether to embrace and capitalise on the energy (if they don’t they might find they feel more restless, agitated, frustrated than usual, as things are coming up to be seen and shifted, and ignoring and suppressing them is difficult on our mental health).

So…. For this day, week, and fortnight, Starr with MINDFULNESS. Just be aware. Notice when these “bubbles rising to the surface” occur. And try to go to sleep with a realisation that IT IS TIME to look at that, to love it, appreciate it, and consciously decide whether to take more steps forward with it. If not, close it now. You will find it’s an easier time to let go, say goodbye, and close projects or phases of life that are no longer aligned with where you are and who you have become.

The countdown timer is on – Lions Gate Portal is only open until 8th August.
(This is 12 days from time of writing this post.)

If you would like any assistance with this, if you feel blocked, stuck in any way, you can send me a message for a private reading with the angels who can help you see through the haze. Last night’s session gave my client deep clarification that she is moving forward in the right direction and the confidence to accept her choices. She felt clarity, renewed sense of vision and excitement to move forward with her ideas. Archangel Michael is here for us all at this time and can answer the questions in loving, clear and direct words. I invite you to trust my clear channel and venture into Lions Gate bravely now. Book a 30 minute virtual zoom session here.


Joanna Becker is an Health and Insight Meditation Teacher, Angel Communicator and Medium-Author

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