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Is “Balance” on your To-Do list?

When we think about Balance we often think of the mental “am I balanced enough?” – and we add “achieve balance” to the “to do list” … in addition to everything else! We are now conditioned to think we need to win the battle with Balance. Man. We are hard on ourselves, aren’t we!

Our mental narrative is where we find balance.

When we fully accept who we are and understand we are making our own choices – that is balance.

When we are mindful of the way we feel and give ourselves the opportunity to change and plan exactly when/where/how that will occur – that is balance.

When we let go of the narrative that we are falling short of pleasing others and we show up as our full self with confidence and clarity – that is balance.

When we believe wholeheartedly that we are powerful creators and we focus on what feelings we want to create more of in life – that is balance.

When we understand the things we can change, the things we cannot, and let go – that is balance.

When we are waking each day aligned with our purpose, which is aligned with our health, freedom and ultimate prosperity – that is balance.

Balance to me is not a chore, it’s a point of view where I focus on the choices I can make, the small steps I can take, and the greatness I can create.

Being supported in this, and being reminded of this, is a present I am grateful for today.


Joanna Becker is an Health and Insight Meditation Teacher, Angel Communicator and Medium-Author

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