Weekly Metaphysical Readings


This week is all about surrendering, letting go, and flowing with the natural weather cycles and elements of the earth. 

Let your children feel the world outside without any noise. What if you don’t say anything at all? What if you just guide them outside, and play in nature? Observe the leaves on the ground, peel the bark off the tree, pick flowers, and rake the leaves. How does it feel for you to simply observe, and to practise silence? 

Many a people crave silence in their lives and end up taking a holiday or going to a silence retreat, when instead, we can simply practise silence in our mannerisms on a daily basis. 

This is an important example to provide to your children. It is a world of crazy hyperactivity and quest and search to be addicted to do more, take more, eat more, drink more, consume more, talk about more, impress more, and so on. And yet one of the virtues of homeschooling is that we can teach the value of an unhurried life, and a life that gives the creative space to see, hear, and feel, in an expression that is not pushed or backed by insecurity or social peer pressure. 

In homeschooling, we can be free to listen to our heart – but only if we stop talking for a few moments and listen. 

And so this week, the journey is, and the task is, to let go. Put away the books, put away the curriculum, if you so desire, and if it doesn’t impact too greatly on your flow, and simply let yourself BE in nature and feel the weather, the sunshine, the rain, and the natural joys that come with playing what is already presented to us (with us not having to create ourselves!) 

This is not the same as taking a holiday! This is still homeschooling. You can call it your week of wildschooling, unschooling, de-schooling, natural learning, or child-led learning. It all counts towards embracing and building all the virtues of homeschooling.

In life in general, it is wonderful to see how much is already there that we take for granted, or dismiss, while we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the creator and do-er of everything. We need this break sometimes to see that life is supporting us in all ways. That it is not all about US, the parent, to make everything happen. With our input or without, life is already supporting us, and life is wonderful. Take the time this week to breathe in and notice. 


Let love be your compass. 


Joanna Becker is an Health and Insight Meditation Teacher, Angel Communicator and Medium-Author

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