Conscious Life Creation with Self-Study

When anxiety is no longer anxiety.

I’ve detected the key in switching off anxiety.

When you discover, and connect with, and deeply understand and make friends with, the reason you were born and what you believe your purpose is in life, anxiety switches off.

Because anxiety is no longer your language. Where it used to be a fear of the unknown, or a looking into the future and feeling unworthy, unprepared, unsafe or unloved. Where anxiety used to be useful because you could not see yourself clearly with all your senses.

Instead of anxiety, you feel a peace. And when an opportunity is presented (where you might have previously felt anxiety), you detect a “handbrake” or “tap on the shoulder” feeling, which is your intuition – your gut – your inner voice, saying something like, “This isn’t feeling right. This would be taking the wrong road on this journey. This isn’t in alignment with my purpose. This wasn’t what I was born to do. This is a distraction from who I am. This place is not going to recognise the light, the truth, the love that I am.”

Read it again: Anxiety turns into wisdom and conscious awareness: “This is not going to recognise the light, the truth, the love that I am.”

Anxiety turns into courage, where you are confident to set healthy boundaries.

Anxiety turns into self awareness, where you can maintain peace and harmony for yourself AND for others, by being truthful to your soul.

Anxiety turns into insight.

Anxiety turns into self-love.

Anxiety turns into self-worth.


I am in-tune.

I am prepared.

I am in-sync.

I am my truth.

I am.


In my journal I have reminders to trust that I am supported by the divine.

Let love be YOUR anchor.


Joanna Becker is an Health and Insight Meditation Teacher, Angel Communicator and Medium-Author

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