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“Open Up A Little”

“Open up a little” 🤔

Perhaps I misunderstood what it meant to open up a little, and it started in my younger years.

As a very shy and quiet young girl, the words were used to encourage me to say something out loud. To do something, be something, join in the party. When they were said, I was usually really happy beforehand and jolted out of my blissful mindful state. The words sounded intimidating to me, sometimes even taunting, bullying, sometimes criticising. That’s how it felt because I didn’t want to be outwardly expressive – I was already happy and being my truthful self.

I’m a naturally quiet person. I will happily watch and smile, over talking. I like to take it all in by sight, smell, flavour, feel. I like to remember the last time I saw it, felt it, touched it, or got to spend time with a person. I like to see what makes people laugh spontaneously. I like to witness people in their discoveries. I love sitting with my happy memories of people I’ve loved and had the privilege of knowing, and I love to take in all the glory of the people in my life, now, in their happy places.

Eventually, I suppose, “open up a little” was a phrase that I taught myself to dislike and associate with not being enough, a feeling like I was a bit of a failure, especially thinking back on the school memories where I really didn’t want to express myself out loud.

Piano, that was my place. On the grass taking in the sea breeze, that was my place. Reading a novel or flicking the pages of a nature encyclopaedia, that was my place. Hovering on a bodyboard out past the back waves, slowly rising up and dipping down, feeling the stiffness of salt on my cheeks, that was my place.

And now I’m ready to share what it actually means to “open up a little” in my view 🙏💕

It means to open up one’s heart. To let the light shine in. To open the doors to a closed soul that could otherwise be trapped in, smothered by misguided advice that we gain energy by taking it, winning it, working for it.

– Opening up doesn’t mean you spill all your internal contents out (even though you’re not feeling safe sharing that information).

– Opening up doesn’t mean constantly filling the air gap with excited conversation even when you’re rambling (especially to overcome nerves or reassure people that you’re a perfect social butterfly, when you are looking outside the window craving a quiet moment time in the sunshine).

– Opening up doesn’t mean confidently displaying your skills to please and entertain the gathering of people (especially if you’re walking home alone later feeling flat and spent)

None of these things are at all wrong if they bring delight and happiness and feel aligned with life purpose and soul calling.

What is wrong though is believing if people don’t express themselves loudly just because people have come together at a particular time, they need to “open up”.


Opening up means sitting or standing with heart open, feeling the gift of universal light energy flooding in, raising frequency and vibration.

Opening up is feeling the world of possibilities open as you see and feel and know the power is again within you, right within you.

Opening up is knowing that YOU ALONE have the tool to open up and increase energy, it is a sole (soul) quest-ion.

Opening up is taking a moment (or a few) to be quiet, to appreciate birdsong and rustling leaves through trees.

Opening up is being aware of your energy field sharing with natural elements.

Opening up is gratitude.

Opening up is seeing beauty.

Opening up is feeling love.

Opening up is directing all this love and energy and perception of beauty into other plants, animals, trees and people’s energy to accelerate their light holdings and their personal knowingness of sole (soul) truth.

Opening up is being present and mindful.

Opening up is meditation.

Looking back, yes I was already opening up especially at those times when I was quiet, happy in my own peace. A happy young girl, or young woman, content in-spirit. I was born open, and my childhood and my favourite, most peaceful, blissful moments, I was open.

Because I was still and centred in myself.

I knew who I was then.

And I know who I am now.

Complete in wholeness of energy. Open with light.

🙏 wishing for you many, many, many blessings today 🙏

Joanna Becker is an Health and Insight Meditation Teacher, Angel Communicator and Medium-Author

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