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11 ways to know you are immobilized

We should all be enthusiastically seeking discovery and expression.

Often people don’t realise they are immobilized. An immobilised person lets valuable opportunities go by. They are imprisoned by their limiting thoughts and fears. They are apt to blame society for problems and lack of meaning in life, too. Speaking in such a way enables them to:

  • Stay immobilised
  • Cause people to feel sorry for them
  • Not have to do anything about the problem
  • Not have to change
  • Feel sorry for themselves

The goal is to discard immobilization by realizing we were born full of potential.

We are all equally deserving to strive to see opportunity in every situation. To have an adventure with every experience. To grow further with every challenge.

Can you relate with these 11 indicators of an immobilised person?

  1. You can’t talk lovingly to spouse and children, even though you want to
  2. You can’t work on a project that interests you
  3. You don’t make love and would like to
  4. You sit in a house or workplace all day and brood
  5. You don’t play sports or other enjoyable activities because of a gnawing limiting thought or feeling
  6. You can’t introduce yourself to someone who interests you
  7. You avoid talking to someone to improve your relationship when it could be easy to achieve
  8. You can’t sleep because something is bothering you
  9. You complain that you can’t feed your children nourishing food
  10. You are tense in pregnancy, afraid of giving birth even though you don’t want to be
  11. You avoid talking about solutions to your problems with people who care about you

How can an immobilized person become dynamic?

Today is your first day of opening up your eyes to a new possibility – a possibility that your life does not have to be dictated by others, or other events that you have no control over. But that today is your creation just like every other day in your life has been, even without your awareness. How do you create your day? This is how:

You start your day pro-actively. You wake up earlier than your children, you sit in quiet meditation or contemplation for 5 minutes or so, and you say thank you to LIFE for all that it has provided you thus far.

You ask LIFE to guide you and support you in carrying out your fullest potential and for the highest good over the coming day. And, you reflect on how wonder-full your life is, and all that you are grateful for.

After this, you start your day with a nourishing drink, you pick-up your inspiring material such as your wellness book or course, and you allow yourself to be inspired. This is the way to start a day that is going to support you in every way.

Will “life” throw some doozies at you? Naturally. These are lessons. Receive them with a different approach than you have before.

Instead of seeing them as a down-fall or set-back, see them as an opportunity for you to test how well you can trust your intuition and your judgement.

Make a decision and act immediately or make a note to ponder over this as you sleep during the night, so you can take action tomorrow.

Your affirmation and peaceful reflection thought for today is:



Wishing you a sunny day and starry night,

Day by day we aim to repair our bodies and have trust, faith and optimism for the future. You can join me as I walk to wellness in the private facebook group Joanna Haley Homestead (Journey to Wellness)

Joanna Haley, Author

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