Conscious Life Creation with Self-Study

18 questions to get to know thy self and believe you can be anything you desire – because that’s the truth.

Being a full time mum has its challenges. It’s not uncommon to feel powerless at times (feelings of resignation, stress, living reactively more than proactively, anxiety, listlessness, numbness of emotions, sadness, low self esteem, judging and criticizing others, being unable to commit, lacking discipline, pessimism, health complaints, resentment, lacking self-care, loss of ambition).

There is one thing I know though, and that is  when I feel down, it is my own responsibility to get myself back up. I have learned I have the ability to use my voice, connect with people who uplift and excite me, and choose the experiences that I involve myself in every day.

Which is why, today, I am able to link arms with you and walk forward as strong, capable, empowered mothers and women, ready to make the world a better place.

My entire life I struggled with self-love, compassion and patience.

But then I finally overcame it.

Anything I do now, I do with compassion, peace and self-love. Now, I know I can put my WHOLE self into voice, movement, personality, laughter, exuberance, intelligence and intuition.

Whatever it is that you have been struggling with your whole life, you can overcome it too. It starts with journalling, meditating, listening to your intuition, believing in the power of the words you speak and thoughts you shape in your mind. And most of all, in claiming your power, living with passion, and waking each day with purpose.

And so I ask you the following questions – with my own answers included to give you an idea of where I come from.

Please take the time to journal and answer these questions honestly. Get to know yourself and what is important to you, ignite change and you will have powerful results in your life.


PART 1 – ASK YOURSELF, “What if I could?”

Q1: If you could, what would you do if you could touch the hearts of millions of people?

Q2: If you could magically change 3 things that would change the world for the better, what would they be?

Q3: If you could go into a bookstore and instantly become master in any 3 subject areas, what would you pick?

Q4: If you could start 3 successful businesses that expressed who you are and what you value most in life, what would they be?

  • If I was lucky enough to touch the hearts of millions of people with my work, the exact impact I’d want to have is to share that, “this too shall pass: the meaning in life will be magnified when you push forward, stay focused on your dreams and believe in yourself, for anything is possible in your world. Your birth is proof that there are miracles and magic. Trust the process of life”.
  • If I could magically change 3 things that would dramatically change the world for the better, they would be (i) more stories published and reaching the hands of people who need them (ii) yoga, reiki and chakra cleansing self-healing techniques shared to the masses (iii) teaching self-love, compassion, and patience, to adults and children alike.
  • If I could go into a bookstore and instantly become master in any 3 subject areas, I would pick the following 3: (i) self-healing techniques; (ii) communication to express to others how to self-heal and create productive lives with meaning; (iii) children, inner-child, psychology of the human.
  • If I could start 3 successful businesses that expressed who I am and what I value most in life, they would be (i) book sales, self-healing, empowering, books to inspire; (ii) enabling others to produce books of the same vein (iii) Metaphysical counselling with angelic intuition, health foods and inner-child therapy

PART 2 – ASK YOURSELF, “What lights you up? …”

Q5: Which moments in life did you feel absolute exhilaration?

Q6: What do you love to do so much would you pay to do them?

Q7: Whose career do you really admire?

Q8: Who do you like to be with most often? Where do you like to be?

  • Some moments in life when I felt absolute exhilaration were when I snorkelled out to see a little wobbegong shark off a gorgeous beach, parasailed over the broadwater on the Gold Coast, sprinted 100m and won (again!), galloped an unsaddled horse across a luscious farm with cliffy terrain, and harvested turmeric on a beautiful day with a celebratory drink at sunset.
  • I love producing books, homeschooling my kids, home decorating, meditating, studying self-help courses, and gardening, so much that I would pay to do them!
  • I really admire the career of a best-selling author friend, because she has an ongoing stable income writing books she loves to write, can help people with the messages, and can research the lifestyle of her characters by interviewing people and travelling and experiencing more in life. She also has a retail shop where she can sell her books, and a publisher who sells her books for her. She is also a family mum.
  • The people I like to be with as often as possible, or all the time, are my children and my husband. Places I like to be indoors at my home are near books, stationery, kitchen, piano, computer, meditation room, yoga mat, my bedroom, bath or shower, and outdoors in the garden, farm, sea-side and beach, restaurants, markets and shops.

PART 3 – ASK YOURSELF, “What mission are you on?”

Q9: What is a crazy idea that appeals to you but would be too impractical to actually pursue?

Q10: In your opinion, what are 5 creative endeavours that are truly meaningful to humanity?

Q11: What is your ultimate, deepest reason for living life?

Q12: If you could leave a legacy, what would it be?

Q13: If there was a theme to your life, what would it be?

  • A crazy idea that appeals to me but would be too impractical to actually pursue is making a living from teaching others how to write books and stories about their transformation to a better lifestyle, in touch with their purpose and meaning, where they can have amazing experiences and be supported by others doing the same thing.
  • 5 creative endeavours that are truly meaningful to humanity, in my opinion, are (i) exposure of self-development through story-telling, autobiographies and creative fiction; (ii) movies that one can relate to and be comfortable within their own life by viewing; (iii) music and lyrics (iv) singing soul-song in meditation; (v) yoga postures, reiki, and free-flowing movements to cleanse the chakras.
  • My ultimate, deepest reason for living life is to raise amazing children and support my husband in raising amazing children and living to our utmost expression and example.
  • I’d love to leave a legacy of freedom within comforting boundaries, quality of life, connection to nature and spirit, and productivity intertwined with peace and patience. I’d love to share health-full and help-full messages with the world AND help other people on their mission to do the same.
  • The theme of my life is inner-child security and comfort.

PART 4 – ASK YOURSELF, “What do you do really well?”

Q14: What things do you do better than someone else?

Q15: What could you be doing, if you weren’t doing what you are doing right now?

Q16: How do people introduce you to others?

Q17: When you received a promotion or pay-rise in the past, what were the reasons given to you?

Q18: What field or business can you have the most impact on?

  • Things I do better than someone else are writing, editing, proofreading, engaging and building relationships with children, caring for babies, researching healthy foods and lifestyle habits, playing piano, reading/writing/proofreading other languages, tax returns, entrepreneurship, business admin & BAS, pre-press and print preparation, facilitating training and education, channeling guides, guiding and teaching meditation, and creative story-telling.
  • I could have been a primary school teacher or preschool teacher, a language teacher, a homeschool tutor, a children’s book author, a piano-music composer, a children’s piano teacher, a meditation teacher for early childhood, prenatal and mums, or a spiritual wellbeing counsellor for mums and children … BUT I choose not to do any of these things because I am most happy when I am with my own children sharing in their experiences, supporting my husband in our family business, writing books and publishing, and enjoying lifestyle suitable to the ages and stages of our family members.
  • People introduce me as, and compliment me on, being the author of children’s books, inspiring people through FB lifestyle and inspiration quotes, and having amazing children who are so wonderful because of the opportunity they have to be homeschooled.
  • When I received a promotion or pay-rise in the past, it was because I’d done more than was expected of me. I created good outcomes. I finished what I started. I helped other people towards the wider-known goals. I did extra training on the side. I became more highly qualified. I expressed my intentions and ambitions and I was heard. I was personable. I exceeded KPI’s for my role. I was inventive yet I was also disciplined.
  • The field or business that I can have the most impact in is health and wellness of the whole self.


Let love be your compass at all times. Always bring your actions, thoughts and words back to love and ask yourself – how would LOVE respond if LOVE was in this situation?

If you wish, connect with me and join my mission – if the above answers vibrate on a chord that you live by, too.

Enjoy your day – wonder-full things are always about to happen.

Day by day we aim to repair our bodies and have trust, faith and optimism for the future. You can join me as I walk to wellness in the private facebook group Joanna Haley Homestead (Journey to Wellness)

Joanna Haley, Author

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