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3 Little Words


On the last day of 2013, a year that – for me – has been full of personal growth and adjustment, I want to share a tip that I discovered recently.

Three small words that immediately take pressure off me and make me instantly happy. (This might surprise you!)

“I was wrong.”

Say this out loud and see how it feels for you. For me, it was incredibly hard to take the plunge and say it – but the more I’ve said it over the last few weeks, the easier it has become and the happier I’ve felt. Who would have thought!

So many times in our day we make significantly important and unimportant decisions. Every day we live the outcomes from decisions we made in the past. And pride, plus loyalty, to our past decisions can lock us into blaming and finding other things, situations, the environment, politics or people for things not working out or for causing us a miserable day.

The hard thing to acknowledge is that we are accountable for what’s happening in our lives today – the good and the bad – whether it’s by direct choice or by manifestation.

What we are living everyday can usually be traced back to a decision we made at some point, which we believed was good at the time, but in hindsight was actually a poor choice. Who ever admits that? (If only it was embraced in society without fear of liability law suits!)

By saying, ‘I was wrong’, towards matters that concern your own choices or matters that only involve you, a huge weight lifts off your shoulders … as other people are let in. As we decide then and there that we are ready for change. As we become aware of what we want (and don’t want) in the future. And as we show our kids that it is actually perfect to live, make mistakes, and learn through experience – and say what we learn out loud, too.

In 2014, I hope many parents and children can learn to free themselves of pressure by using these words. I include children because our sons and daughters mimic us – and if we never admit it’s ok to change our mind and be humble, then they won’t learn to do this. Say these words and cry! Say them and laugh! Say them and feel good! What’s happening in your life now that you aren’t happy with? What decision did you make, years ago, that you believed was right that put you on this road? I urge you to take a load off by releasing your loyalty to the decision and helping your kids to do the same.

Happy New Year!

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Joanna Haley, Author

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