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A holistically healthy mindset


Do you believe that that mind and body and spirit are entwined together?

At different times in each of our lives we focus on healing either our mind, our body or our spirit. If we can focus on all three areas and care for our mind, body and spirit at the same time, we can unlock the catch, raise the bar and find it easy to be totally well and holistically healthy.

Some very common causes of dis-ease or mis-health are:

– exercise or dietary mal-nourishment
– overworking and exhaustion
– toxic environment and threatening the body’s organic form with overexposure to harmful products

– over thinking and over-analysing
– criticism, judgement and setting standards
– not living in the present moment

– negative beliefs, thoughts and vocabulary
– avoiding inner-dialogue and inner-reflection
– not loving or appreciating oneself

A parent’s approach to wellness starts with a look within.
If you want to get well and stay well, you will benefit from looking within yourself to see what you are repeatedly suffering from.

A common misconception is that we become unwell for a physical reason:
– we picked up a bug from someone else
– we had an accident causing pain in our leg
– the way we sit in a chair at work is causing a headache
– our body is genetically inherent to a condition

This is a misconception because it is not the reason we become unwell. It is the way we become unwell.

The difference between the reason and the way
The WAY we become unwell is by catching a cold, hurting our foot, developing a food allergy, coming into contact with someone who has a contagious virus.

The reason we get sick or hurt is because we have an emotional need to get sick – and our spirit, mind and body need better care than we are currently giving it. There is something that needs addressing.

Dietary / physical body needs:
It’s easy to underestimate the simple needs of your body as an organic organ. But your body will tell you if it needs better care with simple clues, particularly on the skin (irritations), at the entry at exit points of the body, and via a weak immune system.

Sometimes it is a bit harder to identify why you have become unwell and there are certain metaphorical clues to look out for.

For example, parts of your body indicate the area of your life you are having emotional trouble. The foot represents where you are going or what you will be walking through. The head is your thoughts. The mouth is what you are saying. The ears are what you are hearing. The breasts are linked to mothering (females only) and the shoulders and arms are fathering (males only). The digestive system is what you are taking in from others and your environment, and the backside is what you are (or are not) holding onto or getting rid of or passing through your life. Your nerves represent communication and direction, your blood and pulse represent rhythm and flow, and your heart represents power and passion. Your face represents identity. When you seek assistance from your inner voice or clairaudient, you can understand these cues in a deeper sense. For example, the left foot represents love (the heel is the opposite, fear), and the right foot represents reason (the heel is resolve). Questions such as ‘what are you afraid of moving forward towards?’ can help you to discover feelings that are hiding under the surface and affecting you in a holistic sense, with the physical indicator being an injured left heel.

In a holistic way, the words you use to describe your physical body can be applied to your emotional trouble. For example:

– I feel dizzy and light headed (is your head whirling with things you want to do)
– I feel like I have a knife in my back (who do you feel you are being attacked by?)
– The doctor said my blood cells are being destroyed by themselves (what are you allowing to eat away at you?)
– I can’t walk very far at the moment (what is, or isn’t, in your future that you are anxious to move towards?)

There are many more clues and it takes an open mindset to listen to the words you speak and apply it across both physical and emotional realms.

You can also seek assistance from an experienced clairaudient to help understand your children’s recurring physical conditions. Children are very emotional little beings and the syncopation (disturbance to their typical rhythm) caused by emotions is profound. The answer by a clairvoyant to ‘why is my daughter continually catching viruses’ is often remarkably insightful and helpful if the parent is willing to nurture the child emotionally as well as physically.

Your child may not have the words to tell you how they are feeling. Their body speaks a language of its own. You can learn how to listen and understand. 🙂

Day by day we aim to repair our bodies and have trust, faith and optimism for the future. You can join me as I walk to wellness in the private facebook group Joanna Haley Homestead (Journey to Wellness)

Joanna Haley, Author

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