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Home-made Chai


Here is how to make an easy Chai Latte at home.

You will need:

Black / Green tea (optional)
Star Anise
Black pepper
Bay leaves

1. Add ingredients to a tea pot or coffee plunger or a small saucepan.

The spices above are listed in order of quantity. But use your instinct, sense of smell and taste buds to pick the spices in the quantity that suits you. This is the best bit! Making your Chai suit your taste buds is a unique and special experience every time.

2. Put your spices into your tea pot or plunger with 2 cups boiling water. Put the lid on and let the spices brew for at least 15 mins. (A very mild simmer is ok if you are using a saucepan.)

3. Transfer the brew into a bottle, which you can store in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.

4. When making the tea, pour 1-2 tbsp of your bottled chai concentrate into a cup. Fill the cup with soy/dairy/rice milk.

5. Pour into a small saucepan and bring to the simmer for 5 minutes. (Option to microwave for 2 minutes if you’re ok with microwaves). Stir half way through the heating.

6. Mix in a little honey, top with cinnamon, and enjoy!

I wonder how many of us make this simple drink at home?

Kids love to drink Chai latte, and it is a perfectly healthy alternative to instant chocolate drinks. It can be organic, natural, free of calories and rich with antioxidants and flavonoids that can neutralize free radicals in the body (read: another way to help prevent the onset of colds, hayfever, allergic reactions, and other diseases).

Encourage your kids to see how it’s made at home so they know it doesn’t have to be bought in packaging or in cafe’s, where they are often mixed with sugar and even artificial sweeteners. If you buy your chai ‘instant’ in a packet – check the ingredients. It should list the ingredients above, maybe also milk solids, but nothing else!

If it says ‘flavours’, be weary. If it says ‘sugar’, be very alarmed. If it has any numbers, well… thats shady indeed.

Chai is naturally delicious but don’t be fooled by the fashionable or convenient substitutes.

As with all foods, fresh is best, and home-made can be trusted to be truly healthy.

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