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Memories of coloured sand in a bottle inspired this cereal

Happy memories of layering coloured sands in a bottle? Re-create the experience with wholesome ingredients for breakfast cereal. This is a really fun activity and is another way to make breakfast exciting.

We have here:

Rice bran flakes

Goji Berries

Puffed millet

Desiccated coconut

Linseed with Cranberries

LSA (Linseed, Sunflower, Almonds)

Dehydrated Banana


Puffed rice

Ticks all the healthy boxes and I can’t wait to try it! But first, it needs shaking.

I will leave that for the 3yo master of the house.

5 thoughts on “Memories of coloured sand in a bottle inspired this cereal”

    1. Thanks! When we were kids we went on a family holiday to a heritage-listed / protected sand island on the east coast of Australia, and it was there that we collected different shades of sand (from black to red to tan to cream) to fill glass bottles. I kept my bottle for a while and then forgot about it until I started making cereal at home. This brings back all the memories of sand slides, dolphin feeding, fresh crab for dinner and exploring the caves (and their wall-paintings by the aboriginals).

      1. Isnt it amazing how small items or moments can bring floods of memories back 🙂 I found a slug in my garden the other day and I was instantly transported back to my childhood summers in Somerset playing in the fields and the lake when me and my sister found a slug we named Tom and kept him as a pet until we had to go home 🙂 just lovely!

      2. I’m really enjoying your latest article on ways to have fresh foods every day. I’ve just had my first home-made green juice (kale, celery, apple) in our new cold compresser. Very impressed with the way this juicer works. I came down with a cold 2 days ago. Last night I had orange juice before bed. Woke up and had a fresh carrot juice. Presto – symptoms gone. You made a good point about having juice first thing in the morning to help the body finish its overnight healing processes. 🙂

      3. Kale, celery and apple sounds really good I’ll have to try that! My favourite is carrot, apple and root ginger. That will blast any sign of a cold away instantly 🙂 thankyou for checking out my blog I’m really glad you are enjoying it!

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