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Fresh hot chips and chicken nuggets


Arriving home 30 mins ago, DS cried … because he had wanted to go to the ‘chip factory’. I think he remembered how much he liked Happy Meals but didn’t want to say the word, knowing that the Happy Meal is a red-light food.

I offered to make green-light chips, and he cried into my shoulder.
‘It’s too hard, you’ll never be able to do it’.
‘I can do anything!’ I said.

Our beautiful but tired baby boy was crying and I decided I had a few minutes to cook chips before he reached melting point. So the challenge was on.

For anyone out there who wants a quick, healthy, tasty chips recipe, try this out.

You will need:
– 1 potato
– herb/spice mix
– 2 tbsp wholemeal flour wheat flakes
– freshly ground sea-salt

* When I use wholemeal flour for baking I sift it first. I only use the sifted clean flour for baking, and I set aside and store the remaining wheat flakes to use in different meals, such as for coating vegetable rissoles (as a substitute for breadcrumbs).


1. Turn on a saucepan with 1 cup water to bring to the boil.

2. Peel and cut the round edges off the potato so it’s in a cube shape.

3. Slice the potato lengthways into thin layers. Slice again to create French-fries shape. Throw into the saucepan.

4. In a frypan and add 2tbsp rice bran oil, peanut oil or coconut oil (a safe oil). Turn the gas on high.

5. Add to the pan a tbsp of a herb or spice seasoning that’s handy in your pantry (I have pre-made curry seasoning).

6. By now the chips will be starting to soften so use a drainer to drain the water, and throw them into the fry pan. Stir a little through the oil and spices. Add a good sprinkling of ground sea-salt. Sprinkle over the whole wheat flakes (or breadcrumbs).

7. After a few minutes flip them to season both sides.

8. Remove onto paper towel, pat dry, and serve. Add more sea-salt.

9. Tell your darling son: ‘Chips in 5 minutes? Yes I can!’

At this time my grandpa walked in the gate with his meat-tray that he won today. How lucky are we – it’s crumbed chicken breast.

10. The pan is still hot with the oil and spices, so I dice a piece of crumbed chicken breast and cook it (both sides) for 5 minutes…

And voila! DS now has chicken nuggets to go with his chips. His dream has come true!

And the lesson for me is to always have a dream, to say it out loud, and to smile and be grateful when my dream comes true… because the universe always provides even when it seems impossible.

P.S. You will want to do more than one potato – these chips are exceptional!

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