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Believing in Extraordinary

Ordinary people sometimes say extraordinary things. Do you hear them? Or are you waiting for it to be said by a celebrity?

Keep your eyes open for The Aha! Moment. When somebody says something extraordinary that answers a meaningful question for you.

Do you save the Aha! Moment for someone of status? An author, a motivational speaker, a professional? (A stranger?)

Do you allow your family members or friends to be extraordinary and give you the Aha! Moment? Or do you let your relationship with them change your view of their idea?

Sometimes it takes a stranger of ‘status’ to clear things up in our lives.

Oftentimes, it could actually be someone we know but our ‘status-lens’ gets in the way.

We are all capable of extraordinary things, coming up with extraordinary ideas, and saying extraordinary words. If you live true to your heart, and surround yourself with other people who also live true to their heart, extraordinary ideas will surround you! It all comes from the same place – no matter who you are, where you live, or when you were born. We can all tap into the place of common wisdom and we already share the same energy.

Extraordinary ideas are just waiting to be grabbed from the air around us.

So this week my challenge is to be aware of the status-lens. Listening to everybody, because the Aha! Moment could be anywhere and everywhere. And giving credit to my own ideas – especially those that come in my sleep, while relaxing, or when counseling others. (You are extraordinary too, I guarantee it.)

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Joanna Haley, Author

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