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Potato Parmigiana with Lemon Myrtle Fish Bites

This is another happy family recipe: our 3yo helped with the preparation, and the flavours and textures suit children and parents. This recipe involves breaking open a green tea bag and using the contents for seasoning the fish, a brilliant idea by Jamie Oliver in his 15-minute meals book.

For my recipe, read on.

– 2 cups pre-cooked, and pre-mashed potato (we mashed ours with a little butter and milk)
– 1 cup breadcrumbs
– 1 egg
– 2 tomatoes
– 4 slices of cheese (optional)
– 3 fillets of fresh fish (we used snapper)
– 1 tea bag of green tea with lemon myrtle
– salt and pepper
– lettuce, avocado, snow peas, carrots (your choice of ingredients for salad)


1. Spread the breadcrumbs onto a plate. Break the egg into a small bowl and whisk with a fork. Using a tablespoon, scoop a ball of mashed potato into your hands, roll it to form a round ball, then dip it into the egg yolk.

2. Roll the potato ball in the breadcrumbs (my DS helped with this fun job). Set aside the coated ball on another plate, then repeat process until you have made approximately 8 – 10 potato balls.
3. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius on grill setting.

4. Put a non-stick frypan on a hot element and add a little vegetable oil. When hot, gently add the potato balls to the pan and fry for 5 minutes. Press down gently with tongs to flatten slightly into patty shapes. Turn gently with tongs and fry other side, adding a little more oil if necessary. Turn again. When brown on both sides, lift gently with tongs and place on a baking tray (lined with baking paper).

5. Dice the fish into inch-long cubes. Cut open the tea bag and sprinkle contents over fish. Add sea salt and fresh pepper. Toss fish cubes with your hands to ensure a fair coating. Add fish cubes to the hot frypan, adding a little olive oil.
6. Slice the tomatoes, and cut the cheese into small squares. Put a slice of tomato and cheese onto each potato patty. Add a little salt and pepper to each patty. Put tray in oven and bake for 5-7 minutes.

7. Meanwhile continue tossing the fish in the pan to ensure even cooking, and prepare your plates with a salad of your choice.

8. Remove potato parmigiana patties from the oven and add to your plate of salad.

9. When fish is completely cooked, add fish bites to your plate.

10. Serve with salt, pepper, and a slice of bread. Dress with fresh lemon – we used Macadamia Nut Oil infused with lemon myrtle.


If you would like to know where to buy lemon myrtle products, please leave me a comment below.

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