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Immunity Breakfast


I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, and I was sneezing.
‘Oh no, no. NOT going to happen,’ I said.
My husband has had a cold and I know what could be going around. It’s time for an immunity breakfast!

The following came to mind… Lemon, cinnamon, honey, ginger, garlic capsules, vitamins, homeopathic flu-attack remedy… But I’m hungry. A big Breastfeeding appetite calls for a big breakfast. I opted to pull out the fry pan and juicer.

It’s not always possible to have ingredients that are listed in recipes, or the perfect health remedies on hand. But no fear … There’s always something that can be whipped up! In my case, I found I had:

– 2 naval oranges
– 2 pieces (toasted) wholemeal bread
– 3 cloves garlic
– 3 button mushrooms
– extra virgin olive oil
– handful of fresh parsley, straight from the garden

Here’s what you can do if you have the same ingredients:

1. Fry the mushrooms and garlic in olive oil, then place the toast face-down to soak in the flavour and goodness.
2. Remove toast onto a plate then pile your mushrooms, garlic and parsley on top.
3. Serve with fresh orange juice.


Why have I called this an immunity breakfast?

1. Garlic is one of the most well-known health enhancing products on the planet. It builds immunity and fights bacteria amongst other amazing abilities. Its active component, allicin, is a natural antibiotic and inhibits the growth and reproduction of germs. It is, naturally, one of the first things that comes to my mind when fighting influenza. Read more about the health benefits of garlic here.

2. Button mushrooms are readily available all year so are always in my fridge. They are reported to contain antioxidants that work throughout the body to destroy free radicals and subsequently improve the immune system. They are packed with nutrients including several B vitamins, D12, protein and digestive enzymes. Their ability to improve immunity is complemented by their ability to improve eye-sight, hearing, circulation, impotency, and also to fight tumours, migraines, headaches and infections. Wow! Is the white button mushroom not the underdog of superfoods? More on its health benefits here.

3. Parsley is an anti-inflammatory and fights infection in the body. It has amazing properties that can help prevent and fight cancerous cell formulation. It contains a huge amount of vitamin K, which helps our nervous system stay healthy as well as ward off heart attack and stroke. It also contains a substantial dose of vitamin C and vitamin A, essential for a healthy immune system and for building strong bones and teeth and skin … and even helping in the quick repair of skin from wounds. Yes, parsley is amazing and grows easily in our garden – and I’m most happy when parsley is included in our dinner every night. More on parsley here.

4. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants to scavenge the body and remove infectious free radicals. Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice can help lower blood cholesterol and facilitate weight-loss. Oranges also contain Vitamin A and B to help create healthy cells for vision and to repair damage from free radicals such as those multiplying in your body during times of cold and flu. There is much more to learn about oranges, here.

I’m feeling great now – not only because I started my day with a delicious breakfast, but also because every single thing I put into my mouth can help me create a healthy body for the short and long-term.

Day by day we aim to repair our bodies and have trust, faith and optimism for the future. You can join me as I walk to wellness in the private facebook group Joanna Haley Homestead (Journey to Wellness)

Joanna Haley, Author

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